Friday, September 7, 2012

Brent Holl's Busy Season of Orff Workshops and Marimba Building

I'm sitting in the airport in Charlotte eating a little afternoon snack at Phillips Seafood waiting for my flight to Tampa.  I'll be leading a workshop for the good folk in the Greater Tampa Bay Chapter of the AOSA tomorrow from 9 til 3.  I'm looking forward to it.  If you'd like to take a look at the notes, feel free!

We'll go through some of my favorite activities that begin the year.  Some of them will be taken from Canons Too!, some from Ensemble, and one will be a very cool piece from Steven Kennedy's new book, The Crescent City Collection, just released this week.  In fact, the first 5 copies are in my suitcase for the bookstore at the Tampa Workshop.

This is the beginning of a very busy workshop season for me.  In addition to this session in Tampa, I'll be leading three marimba-making workshops around Virginia.  These sessions are wonderful because they let me get back into the music classes and work with kids.  I help them make beautiful new marimbas for their music classrooms based on the great book from Jon Madin, Make Your Own Marimbas. At the end of September I'll be in Rural Retreat, Virginia at the elementary school there and in October I'll be near my hometown of Bridgewater working with Cub Run Elementary in East Rockingham County before heading off to Roanoke to help the kids at Highland Park Elementary.

This is what we do at the Marimba workshops.  Enjoy!

After all of that, I'm off to the North Carolina MEA in Winston-Salem to help Michael Nichols do a couple of sessions and then we head off together to the AOSA conference in St. Louis.  The time will go quickly, but it seems like a looooong time till Thanksgiving. Off we go!


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