Saturday, May 27, 2017

Chris Judah-Lauder and Classroom Drumming, a Perfect Match

How much fun was it to work with Chris on this new book? Amazing! Since she retired last year, her promise to me was to get started on some of the wonderful materials she'd been working on with her students in the final years of her career. Her new book, Drum With a Passion came together very efficiently and was released on May 1, 2017. 

This book carries forward Chris's great classroom style of teaching classfirst seen in her, now classic books, Canya Conga?, to drum, and Hand Drums on the Move. The activities foster creativity and group involvement. Chris does a lot of teaching, but always allows for  and even demands student input in each activity. 
"How can we organize this in a form?" 
"Can you find a great groove for the B Section?" 
"You guys go off and create a way to move around and through the instruments for the B and C sections? Come back and show us all!" 
As always the new book includes teaching suggestions.  Chris's  30-plus years of experience and skill as a classroom music teacher make these suggestions the most valuable part of the book. In this new book the teaching suggestions include full color visuals that Chris used to teach these activities. Making them available online is a new innovation in this release. Purchasers will be able to download all the visuals directly to their own software. 


Drum with a Passion - (Book; BPP-CDWP; $29.95)  Drumming Activities 
By Chris Judah-Lauder
This new release from Chris is her latest collection of energetic, child-ready drumming activities. As with all of her classic drumming texts, this one was developed in the classroom with her students and have been polished in the classroom and at workshops and conference sessions around the country.

Drum with a Passion includes fifteen songs with activities, lessons plans, objectives, and supplemental materials available for download including student worksheets and full color visuals for your presentation software. The visuals follow the lesson plan presented for each song. Purchasers may request download information.

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