Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Stuff on Judy Sills' Website

There's some treasure to be found in them thar hills friends...  A pretty well kept secret is ready to see the light of day. Buried deep in the Beatin' Path website is a new FREE collection of activities, songs for elementary music classes with Orff process and complete lesson plans.  Free Web Songs is a pdf file that can be downloaded and printed on your own printer.

Download free songs and lesson plans here.

Judy used this as a free testing ground for new materials that she has presented at workshops and level courses both in the USA and Canada.  Some of these materials may find their way into publications in the future, some may stay free forever!  All of these songs have full Orff orchestrations and full lesson plans written by a true Orff master teacher. 

All of these songs and activities are previously unpublished. Judy says,  "Help yourself!"

- beatinpath@mac.com

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