Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marimba Music 1 Now Available from Beatin' Path Publications, LLC

The long wait is over!  Jon Madin's very first book of marimba tunes for kids is now available from Beatin' Path Publications.  Since Jon decided to distribute his books in North America with us, his six  books have come online one at a time.  They are all now available for music teachers all over the country.

Marimba Music 1 is full of great tunes with complete lesson plan suggestions.  Some of the tunes are songs that are accompanied with marimbas, some are instrumentals for dancing.  I used this book and Marimba Music 2 as 'go to' materials during my career at Stewart Middle school ever since I saw and met Jon in 1997 at the Seattle national Orff conference.  Talk about a life changer! Jon is an incredible teacher, inventor and writer and his work made a huge difference in my teaching.  This one, as well as his other 5 books, are well worth checking out.

Marimba Music - 1 (Book/CD) - is a collection of easy pieces for diatonic marimbas, xylophones and other instruments. Each piece has simple and more challenging parts. All pieces have been extensively classroom tested and are suitable for children aged 8 to adults. Each piece has extensive suggestions for lesson plans and includes instrumentals, songs, and dances.


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